Best BBQ Sauce of The Carolina's

Our Story

My mother and grandmother LaMarca seemed to always cook with what was in the pantry, rather than running to the store to satisfy a recipe. Growing up, I also learned to cook by taste. I always complained about how store bought and restaurant sauces were usually bland. I thought to myself, “Why would someone create such a great meal and then offer a terrible sauce to put on it.” The sauce was supposed to enhance the experience. I was encouraged by my maternal's to make what I thought tasted good. I started by making my own steak sauce. Then out of the same dissatisfaction, I started creating BBQ sauce. My friends and family would ask where I bought my sauce and when I told them I made it, they asked for the recipe. I never wrote them down so one day I made the sauce and my son wrote down all of the ingredients. We laughed when we completed the process and said anyone can make cheap sauce, not everyone can make great sauce. Now we can replicate it and share it with the world. Also, our family’s love for baseball has inspired all of the names.